About Us

Paper Trail is a locally owned and operated commercial material recovery facility(MRF). Created as a lateral extension of DBS Environmental due to the communities’ increase need to divert commercial, industrial and residential waste, Paper Trail works to reduce the amount of recyclable waste material in the landfill such as but not limited to: Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Tin/Metal, vinyl siding, glass, Styrofoam(Expanded Polystyrene). Paper trail’s MRF has been fully operational for three years, with experience in the industry for 28 years.






What is Waste Diversion?

  • It is the process of rerouting reusable recyclable waste from the landfill to locally sourced Material recovery facilities (MRF) like Paper Trail Recycling to be processed and prepared for reuse.
  • Operating under the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recovery model allows for a reduction of new material generation, which reduces environmental harm and processing costs.

Services we provide

Customized Waste Audits

Waste audits tailored to the need of the individual business.

Benefit of waste Audits is to reduce overall costs of waste management, and divert recyclable waste from the landfill.

As of 2019/2020 divertible material going to the landfill will be banned within the community.

Provide lifecycle documentation for recyclable material.

We are adaptable to the need of our customers.

Bale wire.

  • We sell Bale wire (13.5 x 14) to small-scale customers who bale their own products.
  • We also accept baled products from customers for recycling.

Waste Drop-off site

Waste Drop off site for commercial, industrial and residential single stream and multi-stream materials.

Product destruction and regulation

  • We prepare recycled products for processing and reuse.
  • We prepare non-marketable material for destruction by sending it to waste energy plants to be used as feed stock.

Small Community Recycling Programs

  • Help maintain small community recycling  programs.
  • Offer a drive thru/drop off site for collected recyclables from small community programs.

Our Mission

We strive for a 97% rate of success in materials recycled. Paper Trail receives and manages all recyclable materials for the Lethbridge Regional Waste Management Service Commission. We have multiple industry connections and are heavily connected with local users of recycled materials. We operate under a code of ethics put out by our provincial associations.

Divertible Materials as of Jan 1/17 to date

Cardboard (KG)

Tin/Metal (KG)

Paper (KG)

Glass (KG)

Plastic (KG)



Contact Info:

Address :

1320 33 Street North Lethbridge, AB, T1H-4H3